Pet Sitting

It is always a concern for pet owners when they have a holiday planned or a work trip coming up and have to decide what to do with their pets. A good economical alternative to sending your pets to kennels or a cattery is for them to stay in the comfort of their own home and have the North Shore Dog Walker come and visit them regularly.cats_dogs_02

Cat Sitting

When we visit we will feed them, change their water, clean the litter tray, water the plants, bring in the mail, put out the bins and of course give your cat plenty of attention and cuddles. Of course any special needs that you request will be covered.

Dog Sitting

With our dog sitting package we will take your dog for a walk then ensure he is fed, has plenty of water, make sure his bed and living area is clean and tidy and give plenty of attention and some game time. We will clean up any mess that he has made, water the plants, bring in the mail and put the bins out.

Ring the North Shore Dog Walker Kev on 0412 405881 or Jo on 0402 205146 or email us at