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Dog Walking

We walk your dog when you are unable to do so!

The main aim of our professional dog walking program is to ensure that the dogs have fun in a safe environment whilst being stimulated physically and mentally.

We cater for both regular and casual clients.

We do not have any more than 4 dogs on a group walk. Sometimes we may only have 2 in a group.

We pick your dog up in our airconditioned vehicles then collect other dogs if in a group walk and drive to our destination. The walk will last for at least 50 minutes (unless the client only wants a short walk). We then bring your dog home, ensure they are well hydrated, towel them off if wet and make sure they are safe and sound in their own home. Depending on where we go for our walk they may be away for 2 hours.

What kind of dog walking?

The North Shore Dog Walker takes the dogs to local parks throughout the North Shore, along quiet local streets if that is what you prefer, and for bush walks and beach walks to add variety to their exercise and to stimulate their senses. We also provide interaction with other dogs, so they can play and be social together.

Tailored walks for your dog

The North Shore Dog Walker caters for different needs of the dog and the family. After a meeting with you and your dog we will mutually decide on a program that is best suited for your dog. At this first meeting we may take your dog on a small walk. We do not put all dogs into a group walking situation unless they would be comfortable in that group. In group walks we cater for all types of dogs and match them by temperament, size, age and walking ability.


We offer tailored programs according to you and your dog’s needs:

  • Older dogs or handicapped dogs
  • Puppy program - specific to younger dogs and includes basic training techniques
  • Solo walks depending on availability
  • Small group walks

To make a booking call Kev: 0412-405-881 or Jo: 0402-205-146 or by email: nichokev@gmail.com