Dog Diary

10:50am I am anxiously anticipating that Kev, the friendly dog walker will arrive soon.

11:00am The North Shore Dog Walker arrives and we have a friendly cuddle and lots of pats and chat to each other.

11:05am Hop in the car, get comfortable in the air conditioned van and then go to the harbour side beach.

11:20am Pant at the view of the water and jump up and down waiting for the instruction to go run

11:22am Run, frolic, catch waves, get cuddles from the dog walker, catch balls and bring themback to Kev again, again, and again. Stop to have a drink of water and a snack so I am ready for more running, frolicking, fetching sticks, catching waves.

12:00pm Have a little rest under a tree before having my last play with the balldog-stock-photo_australian-shepherd_picture_beach_00049

12:20pm Make our way back to the van to go back home I wish we could stay longer.

12:22pm I have a little nap in the van on my way home I am tired.

12;25pm We arrive back home happy and tired for a very long sleep in the sun waiting for my favourite person to come back from work.


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